Sax-by-sea?? Girl on Sax sets sail!

Ahoy mateys! It’s your favourite saxophonist for hire here, and this week we’re testing out our sea legs – well, our river legs – as we set sail with the Tattershall Castle Boat.

If you haven’t heard of the Tattershall Castle, it’s a floating bar aboard a refurbished paddle steamer moored on Victoria Embankment opposite the London Eye.

Just a few weeks ago in early 2019 they held their Spring Event on the boat’s Aft Deck, and asked me to pop along and play some live sax.

I’ve played my fair share of gigs as a hired saxophonist for corporate events, but I have to admit the setting moored on the Thames with the London Eye as the backdrop was quite something.

Embark on a saxy adventure!

Boats can be amazing to have a party on! When you hire a sax player like me, you lose very little capacity – me and my sax can work the room (literally!) and fit into the available spaces as I dance around in between your paying guests.

It’s an up close and personal form of live entertainment that sticks in people’s minds, and it frequently makes the right kind of splash on social media too as people love to post pics and videos of my performances.

So if you have an upcoming corporate event or are planning any kind of party aboard a boat, consider hiring a live sax player like me to put on a show.

A sax for all seasons

I must say the springtime setting for this particular event was just stunning – the party started in daylight and as the sun set, the sky behind the London Eye turned into a lovely palette of deep blues and dusky oranges.

But a hired sax is for all seasons, and I’m equally happy to party into the late evening under lighter skies in summer, or turn on the lights on my light-up sax to brighten up a dark winter afternoon!

All I would say is that many of my dates get booked up well in advance, so if you’re planning an event even several months away, let me know as soon as possible to check my availability.

Hopefully I’ll be available, and you’ll be able to welcome aboard your very own seafaring saxophonist for hire at your next corporate event or boat party!

Book all-inclusive entertainment with a wedding saxophonist

Hello my lovelies, spring has well and truly sprung, the sun is high in the sky, and the season of love (the season of weddings) is upon us! I know this because more and more of my summer bookings are to play sax at wedding receptions.

Often when people contact me to book a wedding sax player, they ask about hidden costs, extra fees and other things that might bump up the price they pay for my wedding sax services on the day.

In fact, as far as possible, I prefer to quote a fixed price upfront so you know what you’re getting and how much it will cost.

Why? Well as an experienced wedding saxophonist, I know how important it is to bring your big day in on budget. I don’t want to complicate your day – I just want to make it one to remember! – which is why I’m proud to provide all-inclusive wedding entertainment that takes into account everything you need.


What does a wedding saxophonist cost?

Now that’s the big question! Unfortunately asking how much a wedding saxophonist costs is a bit like asking how much a wedding itself costs – it really depends on what you need.

As standard I suggest 90 minutes of actual sax playing, spread over three hours in total, but this can vary depending on what time of day your ceremony takes place, and whether you want me to play at the drinks reception, wedding breakfast and/or evening reception.

There are other details too, such as where the ceremony will occur – I don’t just travel all over the UK, I also often play sax at weddings in Ibiza, plus bookings elsewhere in Europe and around the world!

Finally, do you want me to play solo, or do you want other accompaniment? I work with DJs, percussionists and violinists, among other musicians, so if you have something specific in mind and want me to put a band together, I can do that for the right price too.

All you need to do is let me know the details, and I’ll quote you a price for my wedding sax services taking everything into account upfront.

You can fill in my enquiry form on my website, email or give me a call on 07740 192973 for a chat. Unless I’m off somewhere playing sax, I’ll be happy to talk you through your options!

How to plan your wedding entertainment

A lot of times when people call wanting to book a wedding sax player, they’re not sure about the set up for the equipment we bring, I know most of you have never needed to know how to plan your wedding entertainment before!

It’s a little different planning for a wedding saxophonist and DJ than it is for other types of entertainment, and I like to think I make it as easy as possible, as I bring the sax, the sequins, the lights etc.

Here are some of the top things to think about when planning wedding entertainment:


Where do you want your wedding reception entertainer to be located? Will they stay in one place or move around?

As a wedding reception sax player I can do either – some people like me to be in the spotlight while others want me to move around and mingle in with their guests.

I’m happy to do either, just let me know ahead of time so I can make sure I’m in the right place!


You want your entertainment to be seen, so think about how to light them up. Again this is a very personal choice – some go for a retro disco lights look, or a magical fairy lights setting.

In my case, I have a light-up saxophone, so even if there’s no spotlights, fairy lights or disco lights, you won’t miss me!

First Dance

One of the most important moments in your wedding reception is your first dance, so think about whether you want your main entertainment to be a part of this.

Some people like to play a favourite song, while others want a live performance from a singer, band or solo musician (like me!).

You might not realise you can actually have both – often when I play my sax at wedding receptions and club nights, I’ll play along to tracks chosen by a DJ, so I’m very open to requests if you want your first dance to involve a particular backing track AND live sax.

Enjoy it!

The most important thing is for your wedding reception entertainment to give you a night to remember, and that’s where I come in.

I love my wedding sax player bookings, it’s such an honour to be a part of people’s big day and the atmosphere is always absolutely buzzing.

So if you want to give your guests a wedding reception they won’t forget in a hurry, book Girl on Sax today and let’s create the perfect party atmosphere together!

Why settle for less when you can hire a saxophonist for your club?

Ibiza has some of the world’s best DJs but if you want your club to be remembered, you have to stand out in that world-class crowd – and that’s where I come in!

When you hire a saxophonist for your club, and especially when that club sax player is the one and only Girl on Sax, you really make a statement that people will remember for a long time to come.

I make myself unmissable, with my bright military-themed outfits and my light-up sax, and I can go to the very heart of your dancefloor and mingle with the customers down there.

This gives them a unique and unforgettable experience – a club sax player right there dancing alongside them, not a distant figure on a stage or in a DJ booth (although I’m happy to take centre stage too!).

A truly global club sax player

While I am probably best known as an Ibiza sax player, I take bookings from all over the world, including back home in the UK.

So wherever you may be, if you’re looking to hire a saxophonist for your club that people will remember and recognise! – then I’m your girl (on sax).

Please let me know if you’re interested in booking a dancefloor saxophonist for an upcoming club night, or even for several events over the course of a summer season, and we can discuss my availability.

At the same time, I also take wedding saxophonist bookings which typically get busier during the summer months, as well as being a sax player for corporate events like press launches, so I do get booked well in advance.

What do you get from a club saxophonist?

When you book Girl on Sax you get a unique experience – a club saxophonist with seemingly limitless energy and enthusiasm and a truly polished act that I have perfected over years of playing corporate gigs and packed dancefloors alike.

You get me and my sax for an agreed amount of time, usually one or more sets with breaks in between so I’m still at my best for the end of the night.

I come complete with lights and costume, making it easy to spot where I am in a crowded club, and helping me to stand out on stage if I’m not down at floor level.

We can also discuss booking my DJ, which is a common feature of my club sax bookings, so I can play along with contemporary dance tracks and give your customers an experience that is memorable and unique!

Book Girl on Sax for weddings in Ibiza!

I am dedicated to creating a unique, lavish and energised party experience from destination wedding on the white isle of Ibiza to club appearances all over the UK. This summer I’ll be heading over to Ibiza for some incredible Girl on Sax performances!

Regular followers of my adventures on this blog will know I spend much of the summer months in Ibiza each year, playing my light-up sax on the dancefloors and roof terraces of this incredible island for all kinds of parties and events.

But first and foremost I am a wedding saxophonist, I just love being there to celebrate with the bride and groom and all their family and friends, and there’s no better location to do that than the stunning scenery of Ibiza.

What do you get from a wedding saxophonist in Ibiza?

When you book me as your wedding reception sax girl, we can work out exactly what you need, but there are a few things I offer as standard:

  • 90 minutes of wedding sax tunes spread over 3 hours.
  • Option to book a DJ, violinist, singer or percussionist to accompany me.
  • Bookings welcome for ceremonies, wedding breakfasts and receptions.

I’ve played more than my fair share of Ibiza weddings and receptions, as well as all kinds of other events and occasions on the island, so I understand that you might want to do things a bit differently for your wedding!

So if you’ve got something unusual planned for your ceremony, I’ll fit right in – just get in touch and let me know what you’re working on, and I’ll let you know if I’m the wedding sax girl to help make your dreams come true 😀

When does summer season start in Ibiza?

Why wait?? If you’ve booked a wedding in Ibiza and are looking for the perfect wedding reception entertainment, just contact Girl on Sax and I’ll let you know if I’m available on your big day!

The main summer season in Ibiza lasts from May right through to October, but the Balearics get great weather all year round so a winter wedding in Ibiza is a great choice!

As we know, it’s an island with plenty of stunning scenery, sun-drenched beaches and outdoor locations, but also a huge variety of indoor venues from churches to hotels to clubs, so there’s always somewhere to take the party.

With your very own sax girl leading the way on my unmissable light-up saxophone, there’s no fear of anyone being left behind!

What’s trending in 2019 wedding themes this summer?

Summertime is here! The sun has got his hat on, and so have I, as I get ready to play sax at wedding ceremonies and receptions in the UK and abroad as a world-famous wedding saxophonist!

Let’s be honest, this is the best time of year, and I try to make sure I get a good balance between my bookings as an Ibiza sax player and as a wedding sax girl too – so if you’re planning a wedding in Ibiza, that would be PERFECT.

If you ARE planning a wedding this summer, I’m sure you want it to be bang on-trend, so what’s trending in 2019 wedding themes now the sun’s back in the sky??

Sunny scenes

Even the colour schemes are super sunny this summer, as coral is the colour of the year for 2019.

This firm favourite for bridesmaid dresses over the years is strongly in style for the coming months, and its beautiful pink-orange shades are the perfect way to symbolise the sunrise of a new and happy union between bride and groom.

Dressed to impress

2019 wedding dress trends are on the sleek and simple side, similar to the recent Royal wedding dresses.

Meanwhile for the men, waistcoats are firmly in fashion (I blame Gareth Southgate!) as three-piece morning suits are making a massive comeback in 2019.

The good news in both cases is that these outfits are ideal for a party, the men’s jacket tails add some extra bounce to their dad-dancing moves while the bride can join in without fear of anyone treading on her train.

Insta-friendly entertainment!

Weddings are all about colour, whether it’s a simple one-colour scheme for everything from the cravats and bridesmaids’ dresses to the flowers and chair covers, or a rainbow of confetti and ribbons festooning your ceremony or wedding reception.

It’s not ALL about Instagram, but as many of us have online friends and family all over the world, it doesn’t hurt to have a few instagrammable shots to share on social media for those who can’t be there in person.

You can’t get much brighter than my light-up saxophone, so if you’re thinking of hiring a wedding sax player, look no further! I’ll keep your wedding reception rocking and pose for photos and videos with your guests too, so everybody has something to share.

Do you want an Ibiza style sax girl for your party??

I LOVE playing sax in Ibiza and can’t wait to get back there this summer to perform at tonnes of lavish pool parties and events!

I’m known as an Ibiza sax player but I take bookings from all over the world as a nightclub sax player, a saxophonist for weddings (in the UK, Ibiza and wherever else you want to fly me out to!) and even for big brand launch days like my recent gig playing sax at the new Range Rover Evoque launch.

For club and bar managers, Girl on Sax is your sparkly, friendly saxophonist for hire to bring some glitz and glamour to your next club night.

With my light-up sax and modern tunes, plus my sparkly festival hats that help you to spot me in a crowd (as if the glowing saxophone wasn’t enough…!) I bring the full package to all kinds of club nights and parties.

I can go pretty much anywhere while I’m playing my sax, so I can get out into the crowd and allow your punters to dance with the sax and really get the dancefloor rocking and bopping along to my saxy beats.

How does a nightclub saxophonist work with DJs?

I’m glad you asked! A nightclub sax player works GREAT with DJs, just head over to my Facebook page and take a look at any of my recent videos and you’ll see what I mean!

The DJ can be up in the booth as normal laying down the latest tracks, beats, funky disco tunes or pretty much any other era or genre, and I’ll be out on the dancefloor or up on the stage doing my thing with my sax.

I usually work with some kind of backing track, whether it’s DJ decks or a live band, so this is absolutely an excellent way of getting the party started, whether you want me to be the main event or you want my sax to support the DJ set.

Check out my Facebook videos for inspiration from Ibiza weddings and hen weekends to club nights and dancefloor parties – I’ve even played poolside at pool parties, if you want to book me for an appearance at a hotel!

Lots of love



For more info or to make a booking just get in touch. You can call me on 07740 192973 or email and I promise I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Bringing Ibiza to your hen party with Girl on Sax!

Hello lovelies! I hope 2019 is bringing you plenty of romance – and I look forward to hearing from many more of you looking for a saxophonist for weddings in the weeks after Valentine’s Day.

If you follow my Facebook page you’ll know that I provide a lot of wedding entertainment and I often perform as a nightclub sax player, but one recent event took a different direction.

That’s because I was booked to play sax at a hen party, which just so happened to be a pool party, at that! A sax girl is the perfect addition to any hen party when there’s no boys allowed, as I’m more than happy to join in the fun and bring some Ibiza vibes so that everybody has a great time.

Pool parties are always a hoot too, and of course when you hire a saxophonist you benefit from the fact that I can walkabout anywhere whilst I’m performing, so you can have entertainment poolside and then move indoors when the sun goes down.

With my light-up sax and sparkly outfits, I’m hard to miss even in a crowd, so if you want a hen party that really makes some lifelong memories for everybody there, hire a saxophonist!

What about hiring saxophone players for weddings?

If you want to book a wedding saxophone player for when the boys are around too, that’s amazing!

I’ll bring my unique brand of festival fashion and saxophone to your reception or hen party, and it’s all in the name of having a good time and getting everyone up singing and dancing along.

As we’re rapidly moving towards spring and a glorious summer, I’m starting to get fully booked for wedding entertainment, so if you’re tying the knot in 2019, don’t waste any time getting in touch.

You can email me at to check my availability and I’m happy to suggest some other wedding entertainment ideas that pair up perfectly with hiring a saxophone player, such as a professional DJ with top tunes to serve as backing tracks.

Ultimately whether it’s your hen do or your wedding day, the bride is the centre of attention and deserves to be celebrated – and what better way to do that than with the utterly joyful sounds of a light-up sax??

Lots of love

May xxx

Getting hitched next winter?

I know, I know, it seems way too early to be thinking about next winter, especially as this one isn’t even over yet. But, if you’re planning on saying ‘I do’ in a spectacularly snowy destination in 2019, you really need to be booking it now.

If you’ve not yet decided on that special place yet, fear not, I have some suggestions to get you started. Of course, I’d be more than happy to come and play my super sassy light up sax for you in any of these places, just sayin’. 😊

If you want a truly winter wonderland, but don’t want to go too far, Jukkasjarvi in Sweden could be just perfect. And, to make your day memorable, the Ice Hotel is the destination you should head to – soooo romantic (I have a number of sparkly hats that would look just fab!).

Obviously, I couldn’t leave out one of my fave places in the world – Lake Como. It is stunning, believe me. And in the winter they have the fabulous Città dei Balocchi, a magical, colourful Christmas extravaganza. If you’re after a Christmas themed wedding, this is the place to be.  

Don’t forget about the UK for a wonderful winter wedding – there are so many beautiful places to go. I’ve just played at a wedding at Ashfield House, in Standish – it was simply amazing. Just look at these beautiful flowers.

And, just because you’re going in winter, it doesn’t mean you have to do the whole snowy thing – you know how much I love lazing on a beach! You may want to escape the cold weather and sun yourself on a sandy beach somewhere after the ceremony is over.  

If that’s more your thing, you can’t go wrong with the Canary Islands. They’re nearby, only three hours away, and warm all year round. Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife are all fabulous destinations and, as it’s not that far away, the family can come along and watch you tie the knot too.

And, you are, of course, going to want some super sparkly saxy fun to get the party started. So, get in touch and let’s talk about how I can help you create a wonderful winter wedding.  

Mistletoe and Matrimony

Did you say ‘Yes!’ to that special person under the mistletoe this Christmas? A lovely friend of mine did, and I couldn’t be happier for her and her handsome man. Now the fun part starts – planning it all.  

And, phew, what a lot of planning it is. So why not make one bit of it really easy – book me! In 2018, I played my super sassy light up sax at weddings all over the UK and abroad too. And helped make some really memorable moments.

But, rather than me telling you how great the weddings were, why not check out the videos of the fabulous weddings left on my facebook page from the lovely people I played for below.

Here is a video of me having a blast with my saxophone at a wedding in a beautiful castle. 

And here is a video of me doing my stuff with one of my favourite DJs.

Check me out at this stunningly beautiful wedding video. If you’re short on time, skip through to 5.16.

And here are some comments – these lovely people took the time to tell me what they thought of my super sassy sax playing. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Alex – ‘You were SOOO awesome.’

Elaine – ‘We were at the wedding of Dan & Emily on Friday, you were incredible to watch and listen to.’

Lilian – ‘Fabulous made my son’s wedding memorable xx’ Thanks Lillian, I had a blast too.

Lauren – ‘Fabulous entertainment, so unique, we loved you!!’

Tara – ‘Thank you May for doing such and amazing job.’

Amanda – ‘Thank you so much you were absolutely amazing last night everyone loved every minute of it!!!! X

I’d love to come make your special day sparkly and saxy, so why not get in touch. I do get booked up pretty quickly though, so best to get in touch sooner rather than later.   

And I don’t just do receptions, I can play as you walk down the aisle, or at the wedding breakfast, whatever you want.