My favourite destinations for music lovers!

Hello my lovelies!

Hope you are all staying safe and well at home!

Despite the fact that we’re all in lockdown at the moment and with business coming to a halt, I’ve managed to find some time to wind down and get organised just until things are back to normal – organising my work, connecting with friends and family via video chats or calls, and of course getting stuck in with the usual cleaning, reading, cooking and practising some killer new beats on my fabulous saxophone.

Speaking of which, it got me thinking about all the wonderful places around the world where different genres of music either originated from, or can be experienced by yourselves!

I’m sure many of you are itching to book tickets and hop on the next plane to an exotic location once we’re free of Covid-19 and I personally can’t wait to get back out there playing my saxophone at clubs, beaches, weddings and restaurants alike!

So, whilst were living in isolation here’s a brief overview of my favourite destinations for music lovers with a bit of a history lesson thrown in the mix!

London and Liverpool

To start things off, I have to give a shout out to my homeland Britain!

Known as the capital of pop music, the UK became a HUGE hit in the early 60s with Rock & Roll bands like Queen, The Who and The Rolling Stones as well as the heart-throb band The Beatles, where you can go on the Beatles Fab Four Tour in Liverpool and take a journey down to the famous Cavern Club and Penny Lane.
In London, you won’t fall short on things to see and do when it comes to music – from the Musical Museum, Hard Rock Cafe, or catch a gig at the Royal Albert Hall.

Chicago and Detroit

Of course America is the biggest influencer for music, where all types of artists and bands have made a name for themselves!

If I had to chooses specific places to travel to, Detroit and Chicago are without a doubt the best for a real taste in R&B, Jazz and the Blues!

Kicking off in the 60’s and 70’s with African Americans moving North and creating their own music scene, musicians like Nat King Cole, Muddy Waters paved the way for Jazz and Sax to be brought into the lime light! Check out Chicago and rock up to the annual Jazz festival in Millennium Park. If you fancy R&B, head over to Detroit and visit the Motown Museum where legends like Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and The Jackson 5 built up their careers into stardom!


For you classical folk out there, Vienna is the ideal music destination where many great composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Brahm lived and worked to create iconic pieces of music!

If you want to learn more about the Vienna Philharmonic, Haus der Musik is a museum all about them, plus it contains loads of interactive exhibits to do with the physics of sound itself! Traditionally during the summer months, classical groups come to performer in local parks – practically a free concert for you to enjoy on your travels!


Ibiza is one of my favourite destinations period! Not just for the fabulous sandy beaches, delicious food and hot summer sun, but the music scene is explosive!

Known for its wild parties and nightlife, it showcases some of the most popular DJs in the world providing entertainment for holiday-goers every season! Famous clubs to check out would be Pacha and Amnesia for a real party-all-day-and-night experience!

If you love house, techno and electronic music, then Ibiza is the place for you! There’s a real buzz about the place and I’ve loved every minute playing my light-up saxophone for the world to listen to!

I want to thank you everyone for your patience and support during these difficult times and hope to be back on the road soon!

Stay safe!

Small car, BIG performance – Playing for Mini Electric

Hello gang!

Well here’s a bit of information that will drive you all CRAZY! *wink* I had the privilege of playing sax for the launch of the new electric Mini that will be available to buy in March 2020 – Mini Electric!

I’ve played for parties, weddings, bars, clubs but never for one of the biggest car companies in the world! It seems electric is the way to go, as many cars and other vehicles are taking the green approach for being more environmentally friendly and I for one am all for it!

Everything about the event was built on bringing Mini (and the car industry) to a whole new level, with an exciting electric vibe and real party atmosphere which reminded me of all the times I spent in Ibiza for its out of this world wow factor!

That’s not all! They even had light displays, smoke machines, lasers and bright pops of colour – all housed within a dark room as the unveiling of the new electric car would soon be revealed!

Needless to say, the suspense was killing everyone (including me) as everyone gathered round the stage waiting for the big reveal! Luckily, I was in prime position ready with my light-up saxophone to help build up the music!

Cue drum roll and the cloth was pulled off to show the sleek, modern and ultra-cool Electric Mini! There was a buzz and cheer from the crowd as soon as I played a massive house anthem song to match the theme of the car.

I loved being able to take the wheel on music and create an explosion of energy that is just as powerful and charged as the Mini itself!

If you’re looking for a unique saxophone player to make your event’s entertainment shine, then hire the one and only Girl on Sax by emailing [email protected] or calling 07740 192973. Check out my website for more information.

Planning party entertainment

I love a good party! It’s one of the best things to do in life, where you can dance all day and night, eat lots of scrummy food and feel on top of the world!

When it comes to entertaining guests, creating that all important WOW factor is the key to success. As a female saxophone player, I get invited to play at so many parties, weddings and clubs – bringing laughter, joy and music to any event! So, it’s safe to say that partying is in my DNA.

If you’re hosting an event, but are unsure what to do for party entertainment, here are just a few ideas and things to bear in mind!

First off, what is it for?

A wedding, birthday or anniversary is very family and friends orientated. So, being able to let loose and have fun is what it’s all about!

Corporate events and exhibitions usually involve team building exercises, networking or meeting with clients and you want to create a great first impression!

Next, is there a theme?

Are you thinking of retro? Western? Casino? Fancy dress? Gatsby? There’s so many to crazy party themes out there to choose from!


So, now that you’ve have thought these through, its time to think about what kind of party entertainment you’ll have!


The number 1 spot has got to be performers! From dancers, circus acts, acrobats, comedian, magicians and of course musicians, no one can dazzle and energize the crowd with spectacular feats of entertainment!

I love hearing the crowd roar in excitement when the music begins to play, especially when I join other amazing artists, live bands and DJs in an effort to make the place pop and shine with my light-up sax too!

Artistic entertainment

Feeling artsy? Hire a caricaturist to make silly portraits of your guests as a souvenir for them to take home and place on the wall. Or, why not paint yourself by hiring a face painter!


Instead of watching, be part of the entertainment! With advances in technology, VR is a huge hit with gaming and would make any corporate training or exercise WAY more interesting!

Photobooths will look great on Instagram, and a complementary chocolate fountain or cocktail bar will go down a treat. If you’re one for puzzles, organising a mystery solving case (think Cluedo) or a scavenger hunt is a sure-fire way to get everyone’s detective caps on!


If looking for out of the box party entertainment for your next event, then why not hire Girl on Sax or the power girl band Girls That Mix by calling 07740 192973 or email me at [email protected]  Check out my website for more information.

Saxophone tips and tricks

Hi everyone!

You know, there’s a reason why musicians play music – we LOVE it! I don’t think there’s anything that gives me greater pleasure than to show off my talents at an event, gig or party and blast music from my light up saxophone non-stop!

However, as anyone would tell you, playing an instrument for the first time can seem daunting and tricky to master. But as the old saying goes “practice makes perfect” and if you’re truly passionate about music, with the drive to learn and improve, then you’ll be on your way to musical success.

So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, here are a few saxophone tips and tricks for all you fellow saxophonists out there!

Remember to breathe

Sometimes playing the saxophone can feel like you’ve just ran in a marathon and it’s easy to feel out of breath!

The best thing is to do diaphragmatic breathing exercises for the flow of breath to be at a constant pace and more importantly for you to keep playing. One thing to learn is making sure your throat is always open and pushing down on your abdomen as you tense your diaphragm for an excessive amount of air to be expelled once built.

Invest in a quality mouthpiece and reed

For quality sound, you need a quality mouthpiece and reed. A cheap plastic mouthpiece will make your music sound average, but if you’re looking to rock the world with your amazing tunes, upgrading to a better mouthpiece will help improve the tone and melody.

The reed itself is made of arundo donax (scientific name for cane) or other natural materials and no two are the same! Similar to the mouthpiece, the reed largely influences the sound of your saxophone and you don’t want to fall flat. It’s also handy to change it often as the quality reduces the older it gets.

Good posture and position

This isn’t only taught in terms of etiquette, but posture and position can also affect the way a saxophone can be played or changed. Keep a straight back!

I’ve learnt to be mobile as I play whilst keeping the perfect vibrato or tone with every beat which this takes A LOT of practice but once you’ve got the hang of it, it will be easy as pie!

Find the perfect setting

As a travelling saxophone player, I love to play all over the world and against some of the most spectacular scenic views! From beaches and lakes, to forests and cities it really brings the music to an out-of-this-world level!

Being able to express myself in such beautiful and inspiring environments is an incredibly powerful feeling and even in Ibiza’s best nightclubs or bars, the party atmosphere lifts my saxophone and spirit up.

So, try to find a comfortable and open space for you to practice or play in, where you won’t be silenced, and you get to blast your music out loud.

If you’re looking for a bespoke saxophone player to make your event’s entertainment an unforgettable one, then hire the one and only Girl on Sax by emailing [email protected] or calling 07740 192973. Check out my website for more information.

Fun Facts about my favourite instrument – Saxophones!

Hello my fellow music lovers!

Today I’ve decided to do something a little different from the usual and share some fun facts about my favourite instrument – Saxophones of course!

As a female saxophone player, I love playing music all over the world at the most stunning and gorgeous holiday hotspots abroad, or even right here at home in the UK! In my opinion, there’s no better feeling than dancing with my light-up sax in hand and creating some truly awesome musical memories!

This instrument has played a HUGE part in my life and I wouldn’t pick any other as I get to play a wide range of tunes, music genres, and tailor the music to your specific event or celebration – whether it’s living it up in Ibiza at a pool party, or setting the mood for a slow romantic ballad at a wedding.

So, here are a few fun facts about saxophones that some of you may be surprised by!

Saxophones are part of the woodwind family

Woodwind? But aren’t saxophones a brass instrument you may ask?!

Well, even though saxophones are mainly made of brass, the way sound is produced by vibrating through a single reed mouthpiece makes it part of the woodwind family – similar to a flute or clarinet.

Versatile instrument

What makes the saxophone such an amazing instrument to play is just how versatile and dynamic it is! With most woodwind instruments, it uses a system of keys to cover up the holes and allow the player to create different pitches. This is why I get to play loads of modern, classical, and jazzy songs that are perfectly tuned to your event, wedding or party!

Loads of different types!

There isn’t just one type of saxophone either! In addition to the four commonly known saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), the sax family actually has five other siblings: the sopranissimo (or soprillo), sopranino, bass, contra bass and subcontra bass saxophones.

Saxophones can also be made out of copper, plastic, acrylic, and silver, but there is only one unique light up saxophone in my book!

There’s a reason why they’re called SAXophones

Developed in 1800s, the saxophone was created by Adolphe Sax, who was a gifted musician and designer and could play a variety of wind instruments.

He set to invent an instrument that would be able to smoothly transition between other ensembles and invented fourteen types on top!


If you want to create a truly unique musical experience for your next event or celebration entertainment, hire Girl on Sax today by getting in touch via my contact page, or call me on 07740192973.


Girl on Sax making a splash in 2020!

Hello my fabulous unicorns! Long-time no see!

Your sparkly female saxophone player Girl on Sax is back and here to say goodbye to 2019 and say hello to you all in 2020, where things are already in full saxy swing! I’ve honestly not had a chance to breathe, it’s been CRAZY!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year with lots of cool presents, festive fun and food so delicious you kept asking for seconds.

But now that the new decade has only just begun, I can’t wait to see what this year will bring and all the places, people and parties I will get to play my light-up saxophone at, as bookings seem to be coming my way left right and centre.

To start to new year with a bang, pop and whizz, I recently played at one of Britain’s coolest theme parks ever – Alton Towers!

When I entered the Splash landings Hotel, I felt transported to a fun-filled tropical paradise that buzzed with activity, splash-tastic rides, and colourful characters – it made me feel like a little kid again!

Slipping and sliding onto the stage, me, my bongo girl, and my very own disco DJ got the party started as the fantastic Girls That Mix. We were determined to bring a roller-coaster ride of music and dancing to families everywhere!

And boy did we ever!

We took Christmas party entertainment to another level, and I loved being able to move around and fill the whole place with our bespoke beats, whilst seeing all the guests jump around and boogie the night away!

If you want to hire Girl on Sax, or Girls That Mix for your next corporate event, party, birthday or wedding, then please get in touch! Call 07740 192973 or fill out the contact form on my website.

You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the latest pictures and videos of my most recent gigs and events.

Speak soon!

May xxx

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!!

Hello my festive peeps!

This is your favourite female saxophone player wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I love Christmas – the festive decorations, delicious food to eat, presents to open, visiting friends, family, and all those Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties to attend to. The fun never ends!

It’s been an absolute blast this year (as always) and I can’t believe 2019 is almost over – playing for private parties, corporate events, gigs, and romantic weddings in one snap and a flash!

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, and I want to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to all my lovely clients! It has been an absolute privilege to be part of your entertainment, and bring my funky saxy tunes to your celebration or event. I feel so honoured to play every single time!

Also, to the clubs, venues, DJs, musicians, and the party planners I’ve collaborated with over this last year, I say thank you too! It’s been wonderful to work with you.

Last, but certainly not least I want to give a huge hug to all my friends and family who have supported me throughout.

Looking back, this year has brought plenty of amazing and memorable moments! I got the opportunity to play at some fantastic fairy tale weddings at the gorgeous Delamere Manor, the historic Tyn Dwr Hall and the barn-tastic Plough Inn.

I even hopped aboard the Tattershall Castle Boat along the river Thames, and got the chance to play my sax for their Spring Event!

Of course, I always love travelling to sunny Spain. This year I went to the yacht club in Cala D’Or and the party island of Europe – Ibiza! Great for hen dos, pool parties, dancing in world-famous night clubs or simply lounging on the sun-soaked beach.

So, you can say it’s been a busy year for me, but no less fabulous! I can’t wait to see what the new roaring 20s has in store! If you want entertainment with a difference for your party, wedding, or event in 2020, then Hire Girl on Sax or Girls That Mix to start the new year with a musical experience unlike any other!

Gift ideas for music lovers

Hello my lovelies!

Can you believe there are only two weeks left until Christmas! And for music lovers everywhere it’s the best time of the year!

For me, nothing is better than bringing some festive fun as a female saxophone player to play at winter weddings and parties. There’s been a HUGE amount of bookings of late, and I love to perform all those classic Christmas tunes and carols!

However, finding the perfect musical Christmas present is no walk in the park. Luckily, I’m here to give you a few gift ideas that will make your Christmas a bit merrier!

Music Lessons or Instrument

If you know someone who has a passion to play the piano or guitar, then why not book lessons for the new year!

This is a gift anyone will appreciate as not only does it show that you’ve taken the time to nurture their hobby, but it’s also the start of their new musical adventure.

Or, for you budding musicians out there who are ready to take your talents to the next level, buying them their first instrument is a very special moment! I remember my first saxophone, and without it I would have never been able to do the thing I love the most – playing music around the world!

Go Retro

According to Classic FM, by the end of 2019, it is expected that around 4.5 million LP vinyl records will be sold!

It’s no surprise vinyl has become popular once more, giving us all a sense of nostalgia, whilst allowing the next generation to appreciate owning a physical copy of music instead!

Turntables (even mini ones) are a great way to introduce a new way of listening to music, and they come in a range of designs and colours to suit your style!

Novelty Gifts

If an instrument or turntable is out of your Christmas budget, then don’t worry!

There’s lots of shops and online stores that sell unique, quirky and novelty musical items to amplify your Christmas.

One website I came across was notonthehighstreet who have their own music lover section for you to browse the latest products and accessories. Want a personalised sound wave print? Guitar pick wallet? Or an album scratch bucket list?

The choices are endless!

Rock out!

Finally, what better way to celebrate Christmas than booking a concert to go see their favourite artist! Just imagine their faces when they get the chance to be part of the crowd rocking out at a live show!

Take it from a musician – live music is the best sound on earth!

That’s why when you hire a female saxophonist like Girl on Sax to play at your next party, event, or wedding, I make sure everyone is listening to the bespoke beats of my light-up sax.

To book for the new year, fill out a form on my contacts page. Alternatively, you can reach me at [email protected] or call 07740 192973.



A Barnful of Wedding Party Animals!

Hi Unicorns!

Autumn weddings are here but there’s no slowing down! It’s no surprise that it’s wedding party season, and I am still fully booked up to play sax every single weekend! It’s MAD!

Last weekend I played at one of my favourite venues: The Plough Inn at Congleton.

Dating back almost 400 years, and set deep in the heart of Cheshire, this is the perfect place for guests to eat, drink, stay and most importantly have fun.

Offering quality food, live music very week, and a warm welcome to match, it has everything you could possibly need, including a historic barn for weddings and events for a rustic festival vibe.

I headed over for Nicola and Lewis’s wedding reception to get the party started with my light up sax and my incredible bespoke DJ. Together we took it to the next level and created the perfect atmosphere using high quality music which was tailored and personalised to suit Nicola and Lewis’s taste.

From start to finish, the celebrations just kept getting better and better, with everyone up on chairs by the end of it and raising the roof of the barn! I think the party got so crazy to the point that it was too packed for me to get across the dancefloor with my sax.

You party animals!

But, I loved every minute of it, especially seeing all the beautiful decorations and people living life to the fullest! That’s why when you hire me, I guarantee to make you smile and dance all day and night.

If you want the party of your dreams to come true, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call 07740 192973 or fill out the contact form on my website.

You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the latest pictures and videos of my most recent gigs and events.

P. S. Looking for a bongo player too? Check out incredible Girls That Mix for my DJ, bongo girl, LED violin and singer.

Much love

May xxx

Girl on Sax – Autumn Wedding Trends 2019

Autumn is officially in full swing and is without a doubt one of the best times of the year! After all, you get to wear cosy warm jumpers, wrap up in a fluffy blanket, whilst sipping on a mug of hot chocolate and watching your favourite TV show or film.

Plus, it’s one of the busiest times for me in the run up to Christmas, bringing my bespoke light-up saxophone and adding a touch of magic to parties and events!

It’s one of the things that I love about my job, especially when I get invited to play for newly-weds all over the world. Nothing beats a good wedding, and I’ve seen so many cool, cute, and unique ways couples display their love for friends and family.

Recently, I’ve noticed a few common wedding trends and inspirational ideas circulating this Autumn to get you in the mood for romance.

Nature Indoors

Who says you can’t bring a few trees, twigs or even flowers indoors?

Not me!

Autumn is all about nature and can be part of your wedding too.

Floral installations and archways make for great photo shoots, where leafy ornaments like ivy, wheat greens, twigs and golden leaves can be placed on chairs or sprinkled on tables.

Small trees placed around the room will also give your wedding that rustic feel!

Or, embrace the inner woodland goddess inside of you by adorning the bride with floral accessories, tiaras, and jewellery – as if they’ve just stepped out of a fairytale, ready to marry their handsome prince or princess!

Entertainment with a Difference

Of course, music is the highlight of any wedding’s entertainment. As a musician myself, playing my party tunes for everyone to listen and dance to never gets old!

Throughout my travels, I’ve noticed many weddings using photo booths to take hilarious pictures with, and for guests to keep as a memento! Or, get creative by hiring an illustrator to sketch you and your guests into some pretty funny caricatures!

Let them Eat Cake!

Let’s be honest, no wedding is complete without the cake itself as the main centrepiece. It must look and taste delicious!

Naked cakes seem to be making a show this year, with couples choosing waffles or even pancakes as their tiers instead! For decorations, fruit and dripped icing is a great addition to an already sweet looking confection.

All about the Dress

During the coldest of seasons, many brides are adding layers to their dress and opting to wear jackets or faux fur shawls, so they can stay warm and look fabulous!

Some choose to have two wedding dresses: One for the ceremony, and one for the reception. Yet, bridal separates are the latest trend to hit Autumn weddings, with detachable sleeves, tops, or skirts. This will not only make the transition from formal to party wear smoother but could save you spending money on an extra dress too.


Calligraphy has always been a classic feature at weddings, making any piece of writing or design look sophisticated and elegant. There are many styles to choose from these days, and can be used for champagne glasses, monograms, or for something a little different, why not try writing messages on chalkboards for all your guests to see as they enter the ceremony.

If you want your wedding to stand out from the crowd this season, hire Girl on Sax today, and let the music take you away.

Get in touch via my contact page, or call me on 07740192973.