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I’m in love with the sun, sea… and my sax of course!

How is spring treating you? I’ve eaten sooo much chocolate since Easter but I polished off my last Easter egg yesterday and I’m trying to be good… for a week at least.

I’ve been having such a blast, bringing my female saxophonist sass to parties up and down the country – and across Europe. I’ve clocked up so many miles this year already that it’s making my head a bit dizzy just thinking about it – but flying to amazing destinations is a dream. I feel like pinching myself.

Playing at Sportsvest in Croatia was out-of-this-world, it made my soul shine! I could have burst with excitement, adrenaline and sequins as I got the party started – whether I was by the pool or in the club… each performance was out of this world. Being a female saxophonist is the best job in the world! I get to collaborate with some amazing DJs and during my time in Croatia I performed with DJs Kieran Lambe and Sean Harrington for the poolside summer sessions! Everyone was dancing in the water to my favourite sax tunes ….. Jubel by Klingande and This Girl by Kungs!

I’ve been privileged to play at the sweetest, most romantic weddings of late and it’s made me even more loved up than usual. I’ve also brought Ibiza vibes to an extra special hen do – gosh we partied till late that night. My feet were aching the next day but it was so worth it. I love showing off my light up sax and getting everyone super pumped.

My diary is filling up with only a few weekend dates left this summer so if you want to book me for your event, please get in touch ASAP. I don’t want you to miss out!

Lots of love



My heart races for Ibiza!

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying, it’s almost time for the clocks to spring forward. It might be a bit harder to get up on Sunday 25th, losing an hour’s sleep is never easy (especially if you didn’t stop performing until the early hours) but I can’t wait. Longer days and lighter nights means more time to bring my Girl On Sax sparkle to incredible venues and events.

I love being an Ibiza sax player and I’ve got so many opening parties and closing parties to look forward to. I love get the party started at Sol House Ibiza and Plastik Ibiza. I also love dancing all day and night with my DJ EMA on the decks at Ocean Beach Ibiza and Space Ibiza. Ibiza pool parties are unforgettable, whether I’m stood playing on my glittery platform or floating around the pool on a giant flamingo – I love making an entrance and bringing some saxophone melodies to the party.

There is no place in the world like the white isle, Ibiza is THE place to party and it has truly captured my heart. I’ll forever be an Ibiza sax player – my sequins, sparkle and unique light-up sax are instantly recognisable but it’s my sound that I’m famous for. I’m a musician first and foremost, getting people dancing and having the time of their lives is what makes me a happy bunny!

I’m soooo looking forward to seeing what Sigma and Bakermat have planned this summer and of course, there’ll be plenty of Ibiza royalty in the audiences of my shows. From Orlando Bloom to Justin Bieber, Leonardo Di Caprio to David Guetta, Ibiza brings so many people together from the world of showbiz every year. Carl Cox will no doubt be spending the summer here, as will countless footballers. It’s so cool getting to meet celebrities and have the privilege of entertaining them for a few hours. Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself, I’m living my Ibiza dreams.

Love you loads, go be your own kind of amazing,



Let’s jet off together!

I do love a good wedding, especially if it’s somewhere incredibly romantic abroad. I’ve been privileged enough to jet off and bring my Girl On Sax sparkle to weddings across the world, from Italy to Croatia, Spain to the Philippines. I may have played at countless weddings abroad but I still get goosepimples every time I make my way to the airport, clutching my well-stamped passport and my light-up sax in its case.

Need some saxophonist sparkle on your big day?

If you’re looking for destination wedding entertainment please get in touch. I want to help you have the most incredible, wonderful, out-of-this-world every-minute-was-incredible please-can-we-do-it-again wedding!!!!!

You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your destination wedding entertainment or worry that what you get won’t match up to your expectations. I am already a million percent committed to helping you have THE WEDDING OF 2018/THE CENTURY/EVER, and you’ve not even booked me yet!

Please take a look around my website, check out my Facebook page or give me a call. I can tailor what I do to your exact requirements. I’m an award-winning, international saxophonist and I know how to get people up on their feet dancing. Don’t opt for a just a DJ, they’re old hat plus if you book me you get sequins galore! (I can wear something low key if you prefer but I’m famed for my Ibiza style costumes with beautiful glitter makeup).

I’ve already got several international weddings lined up for this year (and next), not to mention my UK wedding dates and other performances so if you want me to commit, get proposing dates now.

Much love,


PS Harry and Meghan, your wedding might be in Windsor, but if you want me at your Royal wedding, just let me know!

Welcome to 2018!

Hello everyone! I hope all your wishes over Christmas came true!. After a well deserved few days off I’m back on the road with my light up sax. I’m sooooooooo excited about some of the gigs I’ve got lined up, I’m literally jumping up and down for some of them – trying to not wish the weeks away.

I’m particularly excited to announce that I’ll be playing sax in Croatia and Spain this summer for Sportsvest!!!!! I can’t wait to be catching some rays, I love the winter time but I’m desperate for some sun. Hopefully I’ll be performing at some incredible weddings in hotter climes this year too, and maybe a corporate party or ten!

Did you get engaged over Christmas and New Year? One of my closest pals did and I’m really excited for her. If she needs inspiration she knows who to call as I’ve been privileged to play at some supercalifragilisticexpialidocious weddings in unforgettable venues. In the last week alone, I’ve performed at a wedding in the jaw-droppingly beautiful Gorton Monastery in Manchester and another at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire. (Peckforton has stolen my heart – it’s truly magical and just being there made me feel like a princess).

I can’t wait to see what else 2018 has in store for me – I’m loving every minute so far. I am certainly looking forward to my first charity gig of the year, those nights are always so moving and I get to see first hand what wonderful work charities do for people who need their help for example the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity. Nights with my DJ sis EMA are always wild and a bit crazy, we know how to get a party started and get people dancing until dawn.

My phone hasn’t stopped ringing and email bookings are coming in thick and fast so if you want some Girl On Sax sparkle at your 2018 wedding or event, get in touch pronto so I can pop you in my diary. I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed, and I don’t want to miss out either. Let’s make sure 2018 is the best year of our lives… who’s with me!!!!!!

Lots of love




Signing off for the year

This year has been sooooo busy, and I’ve loved every minute! In December alone I’ve had 38 gigs, a new record for me. I can’t possibly choose a favourite performance of 2017, but here are some of my most memorable nights (and days)…

Playing at Sparkle in the City in support of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity in December! This was an incredible event at The Midland Hotel in Manchester. So much money was raised for this worthy charity – so glad to have been invited to take part! I’ve performed at lots of amazing charity shows this year – including Breast Cancer Now with the incredible String Infusion violinist Emma Rushworth!

So many great Ibiza vibe nights too! I loved opening new super club Lazy Lizard with my DJ sis EMA! Other Manchester gigs I’ve loved include a corporate night with TUI (this made me want to go on my hols so much). I’ve loved playing sax at Venus and Revolution Deansgate Locks where we partied until 6am!

I had the honor of playing sax for a very famous artist for an art gallery… and he offered to paint my portrait… It was extraordinary waking in Roald Dahl’s house before a weekend of gigs… “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” something I think is really true!!

Being part of a couple’s wedding day is always super special and gives me goose bumps! Weddings are magical and being there to entertain on the best day of a bride and groom’s life makes me want to pinch myself. It’s also a great responsibility, that I take really seriously, and it’s so great to make them and their guests so happy.   I love it when my light up sax is shining as brightly as the sparkly wedding backdrop!!! Have I got a favourite wedding performance of 2017… that’s a tough one. I’ll have to have a think!

I’ve been to some amazing venues this year but it’s the people that make a night unforgettable. Standing on podiums and everyone going crazy, they’re the best shows. Spending time in Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, the Philippines and not forgetting the White Isle of course… it’s been a year that’ll be hard to beat!   

Have a wonderful Christmas and see you in the New Year,

Love you loads, go get your sparkle on!

May x

Wedding Entertainment

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I’m usually a bit last minute but this year I’ve started early. Trying to think of something incredible for everyone on your list can take a while, especially for those who have everything and I’ve got such a busy runup to Christmas.

One of my favourite Christmas activities is my wrapping night – I love having everything laid out, picking the right wrapping paper, bows and decorations, having a glass of my favourite tipple and a mug of indulgent hot choc, while listening to cheesy Christmas music of course!  

I love giving gifts, when the person undoes the glittery bow and peels back the tissue paper to reveal something extra special, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Christmas is the most special time of year and it’s no wonder it’s when lots of couples decide to get engaged. Saying “I do” under the mistletoe is so romantic, and an engagement ring certainly is an unforgettable Christmas gift.

If you’re one of the lucky ones

As soon as the shops open on Boxing Day, you’ll probably rush out and buy as many wedding magazines as you can for inspiration. Whether it’s planning an engagement or the wedding itself, it pays to get organised. I love being a wedding saxophonist so I get goosebumps whenever my phone rings between Christmas and mid-January.

I might be based in Manchester but I’ve had the privilege of being the saxophonist for weddings all over the UK and the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s an over-the-top celebrity occasion or an intimate wedding, every wedding is special and the music you choose has a big part to play.

For some Girl On Sax magic at your wedding, please get in touch as soon as you have some idea of dates, as I do get booked up.

Much love,

May xxx

Bring Ibiza back with you

Wow, what a week! It’s officially the end of the Ibiza season, and the closing parties have been incredible – even better than last year, and that’s saying something! For over twenty years, Cafe Mambo Ibiza has been the undisputed party capital of the world, and their party was out-of-this-world… certainly unforgettable for those who performed, and those who attended.

The authentic Ibiza experience

I don’t know about you, but I had an amazing summer on the White Isle, too many amazing nights to mention in one blog post!

Even if you haven’t been over to Ibiza this year, you haven’t had to miss out on Ibiza’s incredible music scene, as Café Mambo brought Ibiza to Shoreditch, doing a series of parties over here, based in McQueen, with the last being the crème de la creme. I’ve been totally in love with both the laidback lounge bar and the summer pop-up terrace ‘McQueen Outdoor’… especially since it reminded me so much of Sol House Ibiza where I played sax all day long with amazing DJ E.M.A. !!! I’ve got lots of huge events planned in the next couple of months with DJ E.M.A to keep me busy and buzzing with excitement!

If you’re thinking of throwing an Ibiza themed bash, why not invite me to come along with my light up sax and I can help bring Ibiza to you, so you can dance the night away! I love helping to set the right tone and mood, making guests feel like they’re in an Ibiza club, even if we’re in the middle of Cheshire or Sussex. If you want an unforgettable night, Ibiza is a great theme, but even if you’ve got other ideas, you can still include some iconic Ibiza music with a twist, to get everyone up on their feet.

If you are hoping for some Girl On Sax magic at your event, make sure you book me quick as I don’t have many dates left now, the runup to Christmas is very busy for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Much love,

May xxx

It’s Christmas!! Well, it’s not but it soon will be

Summer seems to have gone by in a flash, before you know  it I’ll be swapping Ibiza pool parties for sparkling Christmas parties. Goodbye sun dresses and sandals, hello sophisticated evening dresses.

The days might be getting shorter, but as a night owl, I don’t mind one bit. I love getting wrapped up warm and venturing out, whether I’m meeting my friends in a bar or hitting my favourite club.

There’s something extra special about performing in December too, everyone is ready to let their hair down and have fun, whether they’re at a corporate Christmas party, wedding or big birthday celebration. I love working with the party organisers to create something spectacular, full of glitter, fizz and all things nice!

I do feel like the fairy at the top of the Christmas tree at times, thanks in part to my light-up sax, and nothing beats hearing how I’ve given people goosebumps during my performances. Some of the venues and events I’ll be at this December are so out of this world, that I’m almost wishing away October and November!

Think about the ambience

Music has a huge part to play in any event, as it can not only set the scene, but it can create the mood and atmosphere. I’m so privileged to have been able to perform for celebrities such as Coleen Rooney and David Attenborough in the past, and I’m very excited about the celebrities I’ll be performing for in the coming months (watch this space!). If you were thinking of booking me for your event, please contact me sooner rather than later, or you could find that I’m unavailable on your chosen date. Who doesn’t want a light up sax at their party! It’s better than a Christmas Tree and it definitely sounds better!!!

Lots of love,

May xxxx