Bring Ibiza back with you

Wow, what a week! It’s officially the end of the Ibiza season, and the closing parties have been incredible – even better than last year, and that’s saying something! For over twenty years, Cafe Mambo Ibiza has been the undisputed party capital of the world, and their party was out-of-this-world… certainly unforgettable for those who performed, and those who attended.

The authentic Ibiza experience

I don’t know about you, but I had an amazing summer on the White Isle, too many amazing nights to mention in one blog post!

Even if you haven’t been over to Ibiza this year, you haven’t had to miss out on Ibiza’s incredible music scene, as Café Mambo brought Ibiza to Shoreditch, doing a series of parties over here, based in McQueen, with the last being the crème de la creme. I’ve been totally in love with both the laidback lounge bar and the summer pop-up terrace ‘McQueen Outdoor’… especially since it reminded me so much of Sol House Ibiza where I played sax all day long with amazing DJ E.M.A. !!! I’ve got lots of huge events planned in the next couple of months with DJ E.M.A to keep me busy and buzzing with excitement!

If you’re thinking of throwing an Ibiza themed bash, why not invite me to come along with my light up sax and I can help bring Ibiza to you, so you can dance the night away! I love helping to set the right tone and mood, making guests feel like they’re in an Ibiza club, even if we’re in the middle of Cheshire or Sussex. If you want an unforgettable night, Ibiza is a great theme, but even if you’ve got other ideas, you can still include some iconic Ibiza music with a twist, to get everyone up on their feet.

If you are hoping for some Girl On Sax magic at your event, make sure you book me quick as I don’t have many dates left now, the runup to Christmas is very busy for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Much love,

May xxx

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