Girl on Sax – Autumn Wedding Trends 2019

Autumn is officially in full swing and is without a doubt one of the best times of the year! After all, you get to wear cosy warm jumpers, wrap up in a fluffy blanket, whilst sipping on a mug of hot chocolate and watching your favourite TV show or film.

Plus, it’s one of the busiest times for me in the run up to Christmas, bringing my bespoke light-up saxophone and adding a touch of magic to parties and events!

It’s one of the things that I love about my job, especially when I get invited to play for newly-weds all over the world. Nothing beats a good wedding, and I’ve seen so many cool, cute, and unique ways couples display their love for friends and family.

Recently, I’ve noticed a few common wedding trends and inspirational ideas circulating this Autumn to get you in the mood for romance.

Nature Indoors

Who says you can’t bring a few trees, twigs or even flowers indoors?

Not me!

Autumn is all about nature and can be part of your wedding too.

Floral installations and archways make for great photo shoots, where leafy ornaments like ivy, wheat greens, twigs and golden leaves can be placed on chairs or sprinkled on tables.

Small trees placed around the room will also give your wedding that rustic feel!

Or, embrace the inner woodland goddess inside of you by adorning the bride with floral accessories, tiaras, and jewellery – as if they’ve just stepped out of a fairytale, ready to marry their handsome prince or princess!

Entertainment with a Difference

Of course, music is the highlight of any wedding’s entertainment. As a musician myself, playing my party tunes for everyone to listen and dance to never gets old!

Throughout my travels, I’ve noticed many weddings using photo booths to take hilarious pictures with, and for guests to keep as a memento! Or, get creative by hiring an illustrator to sketch you and your guests into some pretty funny caricatures!

Let them Eat Cake!

Let’s be honest, no wedding is complete without the cake itself as the main centrepiece. It must look and taste delicious!

Naked cakes seem to be making a show this year, with couples choosing waffles or even pancakes as their tiers instead! For decorations, fruit and dripped icing is a great addition to an already sweet looking confection.

All about the Dress

During the coldest of seasons, many brides are adding layers to their dress and opting to wear jackets or faux fur shawls, so they can stay warm and look fabulous!

Some choose to have two wedding dresses: One for the ceremony, and one for the reception. Yet, bridal separates are the latest trend to hit Autumn weddings, with detachable sleeves, tops, or skirts. This will not only make the transition from formal to party wear smoother but could save you spending money on an extra dress too.


Calligraphy has always been a classic feature at weddings, making any piece of writing or design look sophisticated and elegant. There are many styles to choose from these days, and can be used for champagne glasses, monograms, or for something a little different, why not try writing messages on chalkboards for all your guests to see as they enter the ceremony.

If you want your wedding to stand out from the crowd this season, hire Girl on Sax today, and let the music take you away.

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