Creating the Greatest Show

“Where it’s covered in all the coloured lights, Where the runaways are running the night…”

You know I love to entertain, the glitz and glamour of being a female Saxophonist, my light up sax, the privilege of getting to do what I love every night. It never grows old, I’m living my dreams.

I get to perform at some incredible weddings and events and for this blog post I thought I’d suggest some wedding entertainment ideas!

It’s your show – so forget about everyone else

Everyone may think you’re ideas are unusual but don’t worry about what people think! Your wedding is your show – and you should have faith in your ideas. It is about you and your partner, about your incredible love.

Avoid awkward silences

Weddings bring people together that mightn’t mix in normal life. This isn’t a bad thing but sometimes there can be silences that need to be filled. During the photos, for instance, you could have musicians play nearby, to keep guests entertained. (I could always play something refined to create a relaxed atmosphere)

Choose music that takes guests on a journey

I absolutely love chatting with the future Mrs and Mr about what songs mean something to them as a couple so that I can include them in the playlist for the night. Songs can evoke so many different emotions… and can be the perfect soundtrack to your big day.

Steer clear of the traditional mobile DJ

If you want your wedding to be extra special and an event that people look back on years later and say ‘Gosh, that was the best wedding ever’ you do need to spend time thinking about your wedding entertainment. At the evening do, you don’t want an empty dance floor or people disappearing before the clock strikes midnight, you want them up on their feet dancing the night away.

The right musician will lift the party to another level, get people to lose themselves in the beat, to forget about everything apart from that moment…. You need Girls That Mix!!!!!! We are an all-female DJ, Sax, Percussion and Electric violin group. We are THE perfect wedding entertainers and can bring something truly unique.

Let’s chat!!!! Get in touch if you want to book me/Girls That Mix for your wedding, whether it’s this year, next year or a few years away. It’s better to get me to pencil you in now, rather than you being disappointed later.

Love you loads, go be magical,



Fab-u-lous! The return of corporate events

I have had such an amazing summer, I’ve been the busiest saxophonist in the world I think! I’ve been in so many different countries across Europe for destination weddings and had some unforgettably crazy Ibiza party nights in Manchester and London. I’ve been swishing my sequins at celeb parties and blasting out some incredible tunes with my DJ and percussion pals. It’s been so, so, so blinking brilliant, I feel like pinching myself.

I’m back in Manchester now and focused on the massive corporate events I’ve got coming up in the next few weeks as we countdown to Christmas (we’re in September now so it’s okay to talk about it!) There are some big corporate gigs in my diary and I’m honoured to be playing at the Emerald Ball which is a charity fundraiser that is taking place at the Hilton Manchester Deansgate Hotel on October 13th . I performed last year, and it was one of my favourite events. It’s so lovely to help raise money for worthy charities and I do love a good party to raise money for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

I’m finding I’m getting booked up for Christmas parties, so if you want me to help you get the party started at your corporate party or event, get in touch sooner rather than later. I’d hate for you to be disappointed as I can make any corporate gig go with a bang (whether it’s Bonfire night or not). When it comes to creating the right ambiance and vibe… I’m your girl!

Much love,




Let’s get ready for an amazing Autumn!

I love the summer – the sun, the sea, the back-to-back Ibiza shows, the spectacular sun-drenched weddings… I could go on and on. I am a summer girl at heart… but I must admit I’ve already started planning Autumn events.

I love it when the leaves turn different shades of orange and I can enjoy running around in them as I go for walks in the park with my dogs Simba and Pluto. I’m also crazy about hot chocolates, snuggly jumpers and nights in with my boyfriend George.

I absolutely love being a Manchester female saxophonist and adore performing in Manchester city centre at club nights, corporate events and weddings, but I also travel a lot. I zip here there and everywhere and I love it. It’s so fun performing at secret celebrity parties at incredible venues from castles to stately homes.

Needing to book a female sax player?

I’m looking forward to memorable autumn weddings and bonfire celebrations that will exceed my wildest dreams. There’s something about cosy Autumn events by candlelight that is so elegant and what girl wouldn’t love the sequined evening dresses and Oscar-worthy frocks I get to wear once the temperatures start to drop… I love the glamour and sophistication of autumn events.

I already have a pretty tight schedule but if you’d like me to squeeze you in just get in touch. I can provide my Girl On Sax magic and sparkle, helping to make your wedding or party even more exciting!

Lots of love,



I’m totally addicted to you!

Last week I looked back on the busiest 12 months of my career. I’m a female sax player in high demand and have had the privilege of playing my light up sax at 238 events over the last 12 months – from corporate gigs to club nights, destination weddings to celebrity parties.

It’s been 12 months of craziness, 12 months of getting people on their feet, 12 months of falling more and more in love with my sax. It’s been incredible!!! I’ve learnt so much this year about life and and my brand…… but now I’m off on holiday to swim in sapphire waters and drink wine in the shade of ancient walled towns for a month.

I’m going to try really hard to stay off my Girl On Sax social media accounts for a couple of weeks at least but it won’t be easy. I love chatting with you guys and talking all things Girl on Sax. I’m also giving my sax a rest because everyone needs a holiday!

I’ll be taking loads of photos, keep an eye out for them on my Instagram Girl_On_Sax. I hope you’re having a super summer and dancing your sandals off wherever you are.

Much love,



A little bit of exciting news for you – I’m being flown out to the white isle to play sax with gorgeous girls that mix next summer for some amazing parties at Cas Mila Ibiza! Girls That Mix are an all-female DJ, Sax, Percussion and Electric violin group. It’s going to be fun in the sun!!!!

It’s never too early to think about Christmas!!!!!!

Hey lovelies,

I know we’ve been enjoying a heatwave in the UK but I’ve just realised I’m almost fully booked for Christmas!!! I’m always so busy, so if you’ll be wanting to book a female saxophonist for your Christmas party or corporate event, get in touch soon. I’m based in Manchester, but I travel all over the UK and beyond. This summer I’m clocking up the air miles playing in Ibiza, Spain, Italy, Croatia, to name just a few. (More than happy to pop to the North Pole Santa, just in case you’re reading this.)

I love entertaining rooms full of people, with my light up sax, getting them on their feet dancing along. I also love finding the glitziest dresses I can to wear and going all out with my makeup – I’m like the fairy at the top of a Christmas tree… I can’t wait!

There’s always a buzz in the air at Christmas parties and events, especially if I’m there! Having a live saxophonist can make sure your party is extra special and I love working with event organisers to create a set list that’s unique.

I’ve already got one celebrity event booked in this December, but I’m sworn to secrecy. It’s going to be one of the most memorable performances of my career – yikes! I’ve performed for Coleen Rooney and David Attenborough in the past, and some other profile celebrities who wish to remain anonymous. (If you ask me nicely…  )

Love you loads and loads,



Introducing the girl gang – fearsome females who get the party started!

Hey lovelies, hope you’re having a fabulous week!

I’ve been sooooo busy, both in the UK and abroad recently, my head is feeling a bit dizzy! This good weather has been incredible, especially for the beautiful couples I’ve had the pleasure of entertaining on their big days – I love being a wedding saxophonist so much.

Licence to thrill

I might be a Manchester saxophonist but I am always ready to travel with my light-up sax and glitzy dresses. For the last two days I’ve been having a well-deserved break back in Bristol… it was needed.

I’ve done 20 events over 20 days in 4 countries this month! It’s been exhausting but the adrenaline rush has been out-of-this-world. Wouldn’t change a thing (aside from the delayed flights!)

Manchester musicians with sass!

In this blog post I thought I’d introduce you to two of my friends and fellow musicians who I collaborate with… so you can get to know them better. They are Manchester based, just so you know which means that we often meet up for prosecco and sushi if we’ve not seen each other for a while. (We adore having a girly catch up!)

This weekend I’m heading to Leeds and Cheshire to get my groove on with my percussionist Rachel and my DJ Emma … who I love to the moon and back. They are incredibly talented, and we perform so well together, we’re a force to be reckoned with. We first met back in 2014 in Manchester and we’ve been best buds ever since.

Together we are Girls That Mix. Think Charlie’s Angels with musical ability! I’ll be on my sax, Rachel will be on her bongos and Emma will be controlling the decks. Last week we had a fun, crazy night… with Joey Essex joining us as he was hosting the VIP party we were playing at!

If you’re looking for a Manchester saxophonist (or a trio of talented Manchester musicians) get in touch and I’ll check my diary. I’d love to add some of my Girl On Sax sparkle to your party or event,

Much love,



A Royal Wedding and Jet Setting

Did you love the Royal wedding as much as me? I was performing at a wedding myself in Lancashire on the day so I had to watch it on catch-up but I really enjoyed every moment. Almost cried it was so romantic (and despite it dashing my teenage dreams of marrying Harry I was so happy for Meghan). Slightly gutted that I didn’t get the call to perform but hey ho, I had a lovely day celebrating with Robin and Rachel instead.

My wedding performances are extra special and I’ve been lucky enough to play at some wonderful weddings both here and abroad in the last few weeks. My light up sax and festival clothes have been adding some glitter and sparkly magic to small and intimate venues and big and beautiful stately homes… I really am so privileged to get to do what I love every day (and night). If I wasn’t a professional saxophonist I think wedding planning would be right up my street!

I’m packing my suitcase as I type as I’m jet setting again in a few days, another destination wedding to look forward to. I love getting the party started, whether it’s at a party-island wedding in Ibiza or a super romantic wedding in Italy.

If you’re planning on having your special day in the next year or two, or even 2021 or 2022, please get in touch. My diary does get booked up well in advance and I’ve already received my first wedding booking for 2021. It’s much better to get me pencilled in so that you’re not disappointed… and I don’t miss out on sharing your special day. I will do everything I can to make your wedding even better than your wildest dreams!!!!! I will get the party started and make your guests let their hair down.

Have a mooch around my website, follow me on Facebook or give me a call and we can chat. I’m an award-winning musician so whatever you want, I can deliver. I can suggest songs and you can, so we can create a playlist that’s unique to your wedding.

Much love,


Sun Soaked Sax filled weekend!

Hey guys!! I hope you’re having a mega week. Did you have a great weekend in the sun? I certainly did, it was jampacked. I had a blast playing my light up sax at five events, I didn’t get a minute to myself but hey ho, I didn’t mind one bit because I was playing my sax.

You all know I’m crazy about weddings and getting the opportunity to perform at them is one of the best things about being a professional saxophonist. On the Friday, I headed to Preston to get the party started at Sam’s wedding and then I headed to a mansion in Lancashire for a wedding ceremony and canapes on the Saturday afternoon. Yummy!!!

In the evening, I got all glittered up in my sparkles to head to a gorgeous bar called 1842 for another wedding, it was incredible. I ended the weekend with a wedding in Cheshire! Every wedding is special and unique, but what they all have in common is love. I form such a bond with the brides, I honestly feel like an honouree bridesmaid sometimes and I have been known to get a little tear in my eye as everyone is so happy and loved up. I love making friends with the couples I perform for at weddings, it makes a real difference!

I’m a saxophonist for hire that doesn’t just do weddings. In between the weddings I played at a Bat Mitzvah in Manchester. It was a lovely day for a very special little girl!

My diary for this year and next is filling up fast so if you want me to sprinkle some sax magic on your event, please get in touch soon. I don’t want anyone to be left disappointed.

Love you loads,



PS It’s another Bank Holiday this week and it looks like it will be just as busy. I hope we get the same, Ibiza-like weather. I love the sun! …… I’m off to Ibiza on Monday so all I can think about is SUN SUN SAX

I’m in love with the sun, sea… and my sax of course!

How is spring treating you? I’ve eaten sooo much chocolate since Easter but I polished off my last Easter egg yesterday and I’m trying to be good… for a week at least.

I’ve been having such a blast, bringing my female saxophonist sass to parties up and down the country – and across Europe. I’ve clocked up so many miles this year already that it’s making my head a bit dizzy just thinking about it – but flying to amazing destinations is a dream. I feel like pinching myself.

Playing at Sportsvest in Croatia was out-of-this-world, it made my soul shine! I could have burst with excitement, adrenaline and sequins as I got the party started – whether I was by the pool or in the club… each performance was out of this world. Being a female saxophonist is the best job in the world! I get to collaborate with some amazing DJs and during my time in Croatia I performed with DJs Kieran Lambe and Sean Harrington for the poolside summer sessions! Everyone was dancing in the water to my favourite sax tunes ….. Jubel by Klingande and This Girl by Kungs!

I’ve been privileged to play at the sweetest, most romantic weddings of late and it’s made me even more loved up than usual. I’ve also brought Ibiza vibes to an extra special hen do – gosh we partied till late that night. My feet were aching the next day but it was so worth it. I love showing off my light up sax and getting everyone super pumped.

My diary is filling up with only a few weekend dates left this summer so if you want to book me for your event, please get in touch ASAP. I don’t want you to miss out!

Lots of love



My heart races for Ibiza!

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying, it’s almost time for the clocks to spring forward. It might be a bit harder to get up on Sunday 25th, losing an hour’s sleep is never easy (especially if you didn’t stop performing until the early hours) but I can’t wait. Longer days and lighter nights means more time to bring my Girl On Sax sparkle to incredible venues and events.

I love being an Ibiza sax player and I’ve got so many opening parties and closing parties to look forward to. I love get the party started at Sol House Ibiza and Plastik Ibiza. I also love dancing all day and night with my DJ EMA on the decks at Ocean Beach Ibiza and Space Ibiza. Ibiza pool parties are unforgettable, whether I’m stood playing on my glittery platform or floating around the pool on a giant flamingo – I love making an entrance and bringing some saxophone melodies to the party.

There is no place in the world like the white isle, Ibiza is THE place to party and it has truly captured my heart. I’ll forever be an Ibiza sax player – my sequins, sparkle and unique light-up sax are instantly recognisable but it’s my sound that I’m famous for. I’m a musician first and foremost, getting people dancing and having the time of their lives is what makes me a happy bunny!

I’m soooo looking forward to seeing what Sigma and Bakermat have planned this summer and of course, there’ll be plenty of Ibiza royalty in the audiences of my shows. From Orlando Bloom to Justin Bieber, Leonardo Di Caprio to David Guetta, Ibiza brings so many people together from the world of showbiz every year. Carl Cox will no doubt be spending the summer here, as will countless footballers. It’s so cool getting to meet celebrities and have the privilege of entertaining them for a few hours. Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself, I’m living my Ibiza dreams.

Love you loads, go be your own kind of amazing,