Sun Soaked Sax filled weekend!

Hey guys!! I hope you’re having a mega week. Did you have a great weekend in the sun? I certainly did, it was jampacked. I had a blast playing my light up sax at five events, I didn’t get a minute to myself but hey ho, I didn’t mind one bit because I was playing my sax.

You all know I’m crazy about weddings and getting the opportunity to perform at them is one of the best things about being a professional saxophonist. On the Friday, I headed to Preston to get the party started at Sam’s wedding and then I headed to a mansion in Lancashire for a wedding ceremony and canapes on the Saturday afternoon. Yummy!!!

In the evening, I got all glittered up in my sparkles to head to a gorgeous bar called 1842 for another wedding, it was incredible. I ended the weekend with a wedding in Cheshire! Every wedding is special and unique, but what they all have in common is love. I form such a bond with the brides, I honestly feel like an honouree bridesmaid sometimes and I have been known to get a little tear in my eye as everyone is so happy and loved up. I love making friends with the couples I perform for at weddings, it makes a real difference!

I’m a saxophonist for hire that doesn’t just do weddings. In between the weddings I played at a Bat Mitzvah in Manchester. It was a lovely day for a very special little girl!

My diary for this year and next is filling up fast so if you want me to sprinkle some sax magic on your event, please get in touch soon. I don’t want anyone to be left disappointed.

Love you loads,



PS It’s another Bank Holiday this week and it looks like it will be just as busy. I hope we get the same, Ibiza-like weather. I love the sun! …… I’m off to Ibiza on Monday so all I can think about is SUN SUN SAX

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