Hello lovely people,

I hope you’re all well and happy and getting ready for Christmas – I know I am. I can’t wait, it’s so near I can almost taste the mince pies and mulled wine!

So, what have I been up to lately? Well, I’ve been busy with the Girls that Mix helping some young guys celebrate their coming of age at fabulous Bar Mitzvah events. Getting to be part of such special times is just amazing. The venues are incredible and the atmosphere was out of this world.  

As you know, I am the queen of trying new things, and have now added music with a Jewish flavour to my very long list of favourite things to sax to. Getting to play alongside legend DJ Yiddi, was just the icing on the cake!

I just LOVE how much fun these events are, and they loved my light up sax, which always get the party really going. It is my mission to make a special party really really special!

I feel so lucky to lead such a wonderful life, sometimes I can’t believe it – jet setting all over, entertaining all kinds of people in sparkles and sequins, making marvellous memories for them and me! Seriously, getting people on their feet, dancing and laughing is just the best feeling in the world.

If you fancy a bit of sensational sax at your ‘do’, whatever it is – get in touch. I’m a busy girl and get booked up really quickly, especially around this time of year. I promise I’ll make your party one that you’ll remember for a long, long time.

And one last thing…. If you’ve never seen me play sax, you can put that right, by coming to see me at Muse Bar and Eatery in Oldham on this coming Friday 23rd November at 7pm. It’s a Bottomless Brunch After Dark and will be a seriously great night. There will be a fantastic meal, as many cocktails as you can handle and –  the best bit – me and my sensational sax. It will be fabulous, you should come say hi. Call this number if you fancy a great night out – 01457 777 964.

Lots of love

May xxx

Top 3 tips for the BEST New Year’s Eve Party Ever!

Hey guys,

After I shared my wedding entertainment tips, I’ve been inundated with requests for some New Year’s Eve party tips… so in this blog post I am going to do just that. As a professional saxophonist based in Manchester (but who travels extensively throughout the UK and Europe) I have played at some absolutely out-of-this-world parties. Whether it’s a corporate gig, wedding, Christmas or New Year’s Eve party… I’m the girl you need. My legendary light-up sax can bring colour and excitement to any party!

Make a grand entrance

It doesn’t matter where you’re holding your New Year’s Eve party, make sure you set the tone from the get-go. If, for instance, you’re having a masked ball, why not have masked waiters at the entrance, welcoming people inside. You could also have a red carpet and big floral displays to impress.

If your party is Cinderella themed (why not I say!) you could have a couple of pumpkins and a glass slipper by the entrance.  What’s stopping you from having a butler announce each arrival! Nothing.

Dream big dreams

It’s your party so let your imagination run wild. If you have a table plan, think about some interesting table names around your chosen theme. If you’ll be raising money for charity, why not have people pay £10 for a favour box that either contains a chocolate or a very expensive diamond necklace? If the party’s host announces when everyone can open their boxes it can be thrilling to see who wins.

Photo booths can be so much fun, especially if the props are outrageous!

Think about the music (carefully)

New Year’s Eve Parties are traditionally long affairs as everyone lets their hair down and parties until the early hours. You need to consider this and plan the evening well. It needs structure, or the atmosphere can disappear, faster than Cinderella at the stroke of midnight.

The DJ you choose needs to be a true professional and you’re going to need live performers if you want to make your party go with a swing. They can help raise the energy level of the room so much. I love being hired to entertain at New Year’s Eve parties, whether it’s a small affair, an audience of a few hundred or even more. There is something special about New Year’s Eve parties and I want to help your party go down in history.

To book me, and my fabulous light up sax, get in touch ASAP.

I’m ready and waiting (no Fairy Godmother required)

Love May