Why settle for less when you can hire a saxophonist for your club?

Ibiza has some of the world’s best DJs but if you want your club to be remembered, you have to stand out in that world-class crowd – and that’s where I come in!

When you hire a saxophonist for your club, and especially when that club sax player is the one and only Girl on Sax, you really make a statement that people will remember for a long time to come.

I make myself unmissable, with my bright military-themed outfits and my light-up sax, and I can go to the very heart of your dancefloor and mingle with the customers down there.

This gives them a unique and unforgettable experience – a club sax player right there dancing alongside them, not a distant figure on a stage or in a DJ booth (although I’m happy to take centre stage too!).

A truly global club sax player

While I am probably best known as an Ibiza sax player, I take bookings from all over the world, including back home in the UK.

So wherever you may be, if you’re looking to hire a saxophonist for your club that people will remember and recognise! – then I’m your girl (on sax).

Please let me know if you’re interested in booking a dancefloor saxophonist for an upcoming club night, or even for several events over the course of a summer season, and we can discuss my availability.

At the same time, I also take wedding saxophonist bookings which typically get busier during the summer months, as well as being a sax player for corporate events like press launches, so I do get booked well in advance.

What do you get from a club saxophonist?

When you book Girl on Sax you get a unique experience – a club saxophonist with seemingly limitless energy and enthusiasm and a truly polished act that I have perfected over years of playing corporate gigs and packed dancefloors alike.

You get me and my sax for an agreed amount of time, usually one or more sets with breaks in between so I’m still at my best for the end of the night.

I come complete with lights and costume, making it easy to spot where I am in a crowded club, and helping me to stand out on stage if I’m not down at floor level.

We can also discuss booking my DJ, which is a common feature of my club sax bookings, so I can play along with contemporary dance tracks and give your customers an experience that is memorable and unique!

Book Girl on Sax for weddings in Ibiza!

I am dedicated to creating a unique, lavish and energised party experience from destination wedding on the white isle of Ibiza to club appearances all over the UK. This summer I’ll be heading over to Ibiza for some incredible Girl on Sax performances!

Regular followers of my adventures on this blog will know I spend much of the summer months in Ibiza each year, playing my light-up sax on the dancefloors and roof terraces of this incredible island for all kinds of parties and events.

But first and foremost I am a wedding saxophonist, I just love being there to celebrate with the bride and groom and all their family and friends, and there’s no better location to do that than the stunning scenery of Ibiza.

What do you get from a wedding saxophonist in Ibiza?

When you book me as your wedding reception sax girl, we can work out exactly what you need, but there are a few things I offer as standard:

  • 90 minutes of wedding sax tunes spread over 3 hours.
  • Option to book a DJ, violinist, singer or percussionist to accompany me.
  • Bookings welcome for ceremonies, wedding breakfasts and receptions.

I’ve played more than my fair share of Ibiza weddings and receptions, as well as all kinds of other events and occasions on the island, so I understand that you might want to do things a bit differently for your wedding!

So if you’ve got something unusual planned for your ceremony, I’ll fit right in – just get in touch and let me know what you’re working on, and I’ll let you know if I’m the wedding sax girl to help make your dreams come true 😀

When does summer season start in Ibiza?

Why wait?? If you’ve booked a wedding in Ibiza and are looking for the perfect wedding reception entertainment, just contact Girl on Sax and I’ll let you know if I’m available on your big day!

The main summer season in Ibiza lasts from May right through to October, but the Balearics get great weather all year round so a winter wedding in Ibiza is a great choice!

As we know, it’s an island with plenty of stunning scenery, sun-drenched beaches and outdoor locations, but also a huge variety of indoor venues from churches to hotels to clubs, so there’s always somewhere to take the party.

With your very own sax girl leading the way on my unmissable light-up saxophone, there’s no fear of anyone being left behind!