Fun Facts about my favourite instrument – Saxophones!

Hello my fellow music lovers!

Today I’ve decided to do something a little different from the usual and share some fun facts about my favourite instrument – Saxophones of course!

As a female saxophone player, I love playing music all over the world at the most stunning and gorgeous holiday hotspots abroad, or even right here at home in the UK! In my opinion, there’s no better feeling than dancing with my light-up sax in hand and creating some truly awesome musical memories!

This instrument has played a HUGE part in my life and I wouldn’t pick any other as I get to play a wide range of tunes, music genres, and tailor the music to your specific event or celebration – whether it’s living it up in Ibiza at a pool party, or setting the mood for a slow romantic ballad at a wedding.

So, here are a few fun facts about saxophones that some of you may be surprised by!

Saxophones are part of the woodwind family

Woodwind? But aren’t saxophones a brass instrument you may ask?!

Well, even though saxophones are mainly made of brass, the way sound is produced by vibrating through a single reed mouthpiece makes it part of the woodwind family – similar to a flute or clarinet.

Versatile instrument

What makes the saxophone such an amazing instrument to play is just how versatile and dynamic it is! With most woodwind instruments, it uses a system of keys to cover up the holes and allow the player to create different pitches. This is why I get to play loads of modern, classical, and jazzy songs that are perfectly tuned to your event, wedding or party!

Loads of different types!

There isn’t just one type of saxophone either! In addition to the four commonly known saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), the sax family actually has five other siblings: the sopranissimo (or soprillo), sopranino, bass, contra bass and subcontra bass saxophones.

Saxophones can also be made out of copper, plastic, acrylic, and silver, but there is only one unique light up saxophone in my book!

There’s a reason why they’re called SAXophones

Developed in 1800s, the saxophone was created by Adolphe Sax, who was a gifted musician and designer and could play a variety of wind instruments.

He set to invent an instrument that would be able to smoothly transition between other ensembles and invented fourteen types on top!


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