Beach party sax hire in England and abroad

Summer is finally here following the hottest June on record, and that means it’s the perfect time to plan a beach party whether it’s a corporate event, a seaside wedding or just for fun!

You don’t have to leave the country – I get plenty of enquiries about beach party sax hire in England as well as from abroad, and of course a good number of bookings to be a beach party saxophonist in Ibiza too.

I’m more than happy to travel to wherever you need me to be so if you’re planning a beach party in a far-flung exotic location, don’t hesitate to ask if I’ll come play sax for you there!

Why hire a saxophonist for a beach party?

If you’ve seen any of my videos on my Facebook page you’ll know how much fun my live sax performances are and how people love to get involved dancing, singing along and taking selfies.

It’s a great way to make any party memorable, but there are particular reasons why to hire a saxophonist for a beach party too.

Because I’m not connected via wires, I can go anywhere – I can move freely around your party even on large beaches, mingle with crowds and small groups equally well, and make sure everyone gets some attention over the course of my set.

You’ll often find your guests congregate around me though, and on a wide open beach this can help to give your party a beating heart as everyone flocks to the sound of my sax!

Performing on the beach

I am a beach sax player who’s amplified to speakers so wherever I go, the music can still be heard in a specific part of the beach.

This helps to create a central space for your party without tying me down to that area, which really does give you the best of both worlds across the full extent of your beach party.

I accept bookings for corporate beach parties, private parties like beach birthdays and oceanside anniversaries, and of course beach weddings.

Weddings on the beach can be some of the most stunning, striking and romantic locations, and a live wedding sax player on the beach during your ceremony and reception is the perfect way to put a memorable finishing touch on proceedings.

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